Your Perfect Match: Aka Skincare Couples That Were Just Meant To Be

We at Muse & Heroine love solving your beauty and self-care dilemmas. Led by the Main Muse Janine, the whole team is devoted to making clean beauty rituals simple, easy and accessible for all.


You know it by now: you can tell us anything, we’re family. However, if there’s one question we always get is this: how do I pair this product? Can I use these two items together? What would be a great product to combine with what I’ve just purchased?
Well, today we have the As to all of your Qs.
The following are matches made in skincare heaven. The best of the best skincare rituals from your all-time favorite brands. Couples (or triplets!) of amazing products ready to work in synergy to help you conquer your best skin ever. Ready? Let’s dive in.
Agent Nateur
This hydrating serum uses organic plant extracts, precious minerals, and natural acid to instantly plump the skin, diminish the look of pores, stimulate collagen production, and gently remove expired cells, reviving the complexion and revealing an ageless, dewy glow.
Known as the acne banisher, holi (c) is calcium and vitamin C are in their most stable, potent state. Our unique dry powder formula won’t oxidize, ensuring that you receive all of its regenerative benefits. Blend with our holi (water) to help acne, naturally stimulate collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production, restoring your skin’s clarity and ageless radiance.
Formulated to penetrate deep within the dermis, this restorative serum contains essential nutrients, antioxidants, and hydrating oils that balance skin tone and reduce signs of aging, leaving skin supple, lifted, and luminous. 
“Behold the holi (trinity), a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin.” – AGENT NATEUR
Tata Harper

Purifying Cleanser purges impurities from pollution to help fight the visible aging effects of free radicals to give you renewed, fresh looking skin.
This formula purifies with 19 sources to detox, 4 sources to dissolve buildup, and 4 sources to refine pores.
“Practically Poreless! You’re two steps away from total detoxification! Unclog pores and sweep away impurities for renewed, fresh looking skin with our purifying duo” – TATA HARPER
In Fiore 

High-tech, super potent, and antioxidant-rich, Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate is designed to help skin withstand the stressful conditions and aggressions of everyday life such as UV rays, extreme temps, dry or polluted environments, chemical, and mechanical irritations, sleep deprivation, and jet lag. Its high concentration of beta-carotene combats the effects of premature aging and helps restore elasticity and improve overall skin tone.
Nutrient-rich and lightweight, this intensive cream plumps and awakens fatigued skin that shows early signs of fatigue. With over 30 ingredients and proteins working together to optimize the skin’s ability to bind and retain moisture, Crème de Fleur provides long-lasting hydration.
“With our Beauty Pioneer, Julie Elliott, at the heart of In Fiore, we believe in Perfumery as Medicine and each and every blended essential has the power to Seduce, Protect, and Transform.” – IN FIORE
Cecilia Holistic Beauty

A delicate bouquet of Rose and Prickly Pear floral waters, Birch and Maple saps enriched with precious Pearl Powder and Hyaluronic Acid. This hydrating lotion heals skin, relieves redness, irritation and dullness. Antimicrobial Sodium salicylate Acid helps to reduce pore size, clear congestion and brightens skin, keeping the excess oil at bay. 
Rejuvenating Pearl Powder and Hyaluronic Acid are blended with Rose and Chamomile oils. An infusion of Aloe and Alkanet creates a restorative elixir anchored in a nourishing base high in fatty acid and vitamins. A sublime non-greasy texture for all skin types.
“Daily morning beauty routine? Step 1: Blossom Elixir lotion to plump and firm
Step 2: Ageless crème riche to nourish your skin and soul” – CECILIA PEROTTI

This concentrated treatment targets all forms of hyperpigmentation—including age spots and acne scars for brighter, firmer, and more even skin. Brighten up by day, plump up by night with our most potent, youth-promoting potion yet. 
Dewy Bean Dream Smoothing Bedtime Mask
Meet your new holy grail nighttime resurfacing treatment. This bouncy skin-refinishing mask provides retinol benefits without the sensitivity. A generous concentration of clinically proven Dew Bean (also commonly known as Moth Bean) provides results overnight. 
“Introducing Intelligent Skin Couture. Delivering better results than what you might expect from prescription skincare. Beyond-imagination concentrations of actives, botanical synergies, in totally-clean-instantly-effective treatments. Essential layering pieces for your skincare wardrobe. Featuring an AM + PM plump-and-glow layering pieces to add to your skincare wardrobe.” - LILFOX

A makeup-melting cleansing oil brimming with rose essence, this product nourishes the skin, keeps its acid mantle in tact, and leave pH levels balanced. Rose and hazelnut oils are both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and help repair skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, aging and rough or bumpy skin.
This innovative blend of oils calms even the most irritated complexions with its unique blend of vitamin and nutrient rich oils. Like a multivitamin for your skin, Gold works to repair broken-down skin tissue and calm any type of damage, whether it’s sun exposure, irritation, dryness, redness, or puffy skin. 
“The Acne Kit features our most powerful ingredients to reduce dullness, rejuvenate skin and heal acne.” - MONASTERY

This Mask is formulated with cofactor ingredients that work synergistically; this extraordinary masque is a complete beauty treatment that delivers results after the very first application.
This rare and precious Wild Carrot seed oil is deemed to be the ancestral beauty elixir of French queens, known to “donner bonne mine” (give a fresh, glowing complexion). 
“Whisk away dry, dull skin with this Skin perfecting Bundle. One application will help brighten and awaken a fresh healthy-looking complexion.” – ODACITE’
Seed to Skin 

This nourishing bath oil, infused with a high concentration of flower nectar will transpose you to the heady summer air of Tuscany to balance and uplift.
This version of The Devotion, Seed To Skin's restorative body lotion, is a super active vegan formula with a vibrant boost of linden flower. With a high mineral and enzyme content it contains more of what skin loves. Italian thermal water is used to extract polyphenols from olive leaves, providing powerful antioxidants for your skin and leaving it feeling wonderfully soft, smooth and nourished in every season. 
“Take a sensory journey of self-love through our nourishing The Bath Nectar oil. After your bath, massage our restorative The Devotion Linden Flower body lotion on your skin to continue your sensory path through the sweet scents of linden flowers, melissa and lemons from Sicily – the perfect Italian olfactory escape this season.” – SEED TO SKIN
Wildcrafted Organics 

Wild Rose Botanical Mist is an infusion of certified organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol with a bio-active complex of three Australian plums - Kakadu plum, Burdekin Plum and Illawarra Plum, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3. 
A concentrated elixir of active Vitamin C, Australian super fruits, Knotgrass extract and Hyaluronic acid. Specifically formulated to repair & protect the skin from infrared induced photo-ageing/ sun damage while at the same time increasing hydration and reducing the depth of fine lines.
This dynamic duo hydrates, even's skin tone and optimizes skin barrier function.” – WILDCRAFTED ORGANICS

With Manjistha at the heart of our cream cleanser, the Ayurvedic herb is known as the "apex of superfoods" for its ability to cleanse and detoxify. Our botanical formula is a cream-slash-balm hybrid. Thanks to its lush texture, it removes makeup, dirt and oil, yet leaves skin hydrated and balanced.
This balm to milk creamy facial polish is gentle yet powerful thanks to finely milled rice powder and nourishing almond oil. Packed with adaptogenic herbs to help combat environmental stressors, our indulgent facial polish will leave your skin soft and glowy.
“Take your cleansing ritual to the next level with this power duo. Luminous Ceremony is your daily cleanser; use it to wash away the day and leave your skin hydrated and balanced. Imperial Glow is your indulgent facial polish; with its creamy texture, this polish leaves your skin glowing and smooth.” - RANAVAT
Nazan Schnapp 

This luxurious, comprehensive serum formulated with Diamond Powder, low and high molecular size of Hyaluronic Acids are providing intense hydration of all skin layers. Glycogen and Gardenia Stem Cells, clinically proven and visibly revitalize, brighten, lift, and firm the look while hydrating and increasing elasticity of the skin. 
The Luminous Youth Diamond Night Serum is a light, potent, ultra hydrating, delicate and luxurious fluid serum formula which combats the most common signs of aging, lifts, plumps, protects the skin from dehydration, softens and reduces wrinkles works during the night when the skin goes into the renewing mode, regenerating new skin cells. 
“Do you love our high-tech and yet completely natural serums? They both contain real plant stem cells of Gardenia, which help to regenerate and rebuild your skin. Stem cells are an all-natural ingredient and yet require highly technological skills to extract” – NAZAN SCHNAPP