The Christmas Gift – Beauty Goods for Spiritual Comfort

I think I never thought about Christmas gifts so early in the year. I'm usually not an early bird when it comes to this part of Christmas, more a rushed chicken, frantically getting everything together at the last minute.

This year is different. 
I finally accomplished to be the early riser, also because I never had such longing for Christmas and surrounding myself and my loved ones with comfort and loving feelings. It's more a spiritual comfort I'm looking for, but the gifts I would and will choose, definitely help to achieve this state.
Joy, distraction and comfort
All the things I chose are supposed to bring joy, distraction and real benefits to the recipient.
Obviously I gift self-care related products, so here we go with my picks for family and friends.
It's always a bit tricky to gift new skincare to someone, so I'm really careful with my choices.
Valuable skincare tools
Gifting a beautiful valuable skincare tool like a rose quartz roller or an amethyst scraper is a safer option if you are not sure what face care product is the right one. And if you want to make it more personal, you can add a written guidance with little sketches.
A good gut feeling
One of my aunts loves high quality supplements, especially for the gut, and in my opinion, both the current and ongoing situation and the turn of the year are downright ideal to gift some truly qualitative nutritional supplements.
I think the 
On Veut...A Naiade's slim figure have hands down the most beautiful + smart packaging. This is high grade both inside and outside. I know that my aunt will be extremely happy about this special gut supporter. These are for digestive comfort by the way and not for diet.

If I gift a skincare product, it has to be something beautiful and luxurious. Like the Cecilia Night Noir Mask - I already wrote about it
 here. Or perhaps  an exquisite face oil it's always a good choice. It's impossible to go wrong if someone loves skincare as much as I do.
Safe & Beautiful Lips
My little sister loves lipstick, tints and glosses and is wearing one every single day. So I want to make sure she's using products without nasties - at least she's eating a part of the products.
Clove & Hallow has a great shade range, the quality is on fleek and they are not only clean but green plus vegan and PETA-certified.
I hope this helps to inspire you to find precious gifts for your loved ones.
Happy Friday, stay safe and cosy<3
Credits Ph: @Stilblut