Cosmic Dealer

Indulge in a wellness revolution with Cosmic Dealer, a female-founded brand hailing from the heart of Paris, dedicated to transforming everyday habits into nourishing rituals. Pioneering a new wave of premium dark French chocolate, they redefine the sweet experience with a focus on less sugar, more plants, and elevated vibes. Beyond the delectable taste, Cosmic Dealer is committed to being eco-responsible and ethical. They traverse the globe in search of the finest ingredients, partnering with passionate artisans and family-size ateliers who share their values and high vibes. For Cosmic Dealer, it's more than just pretty, sustainable packaging - it's a commitment to purity, research, and a meticulous examination of labels in their relentless pursuit of quality. Join them on a journey where indulgence meets consciousness, and everyday moments become an opportunity for healthy, delicious rituals.