KNC Beauty

Kristen Noel Crawley founded KNC Beauty after a lifechanging trip to Tokyo, where she discovered the magical world of lip masks. Realizing that most versions on the market contained a lot of obscure ingredients and harsh chemicals, she decided to create her own range of adorable, and very Instagram-friendly all-natural and collagen-infused lip and eye masks. Their deeply hydrating formula – praised by Hollywood royalty - leaves the skin feeling smooth, plumped, and primed for makeup. From the instantly recognizable packaging to the hard-working formulas, these natural masks are a must-add to anyone’s self-care ritual.

If you’re feeling fancy, try out celebrity-approved options such as KNC Beauty’s shooting star-shaped eye masks.” –  HYPEBAE

Kristen Noel Crawley started her skin care line, KNC Beauty, after becoming infatuated with lip masks and “kissable lips” while in Tokyo. She started by filling a void in the market natural lip masks, and now, two years later, she has expanded her line with star-adorned eye masks, bubbly lip balms, and Instagram-worthy lip scrubbers.” –  HARPER'S BAZAAR

KNC lip masks are hard to miss. Since the product’s launch last fall, the stretchy, translucent pink sheets, which come in a handy pumped lip shape, have been unavoidable on Instagram. They hit that ‘grammable sweet spot (millennial pink, selfie essential) while delivering smooth, plump lips, like a Snapchat filter made real. And they’re all natural.” –  VIOLET GREY

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