Sun Inamorata Béla Nektar X Shiva Rose

Sun Inamorata Béla Nektar X Shiva Rose

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A daily ancestral balm that brings you into harmony with the Sun.
Created by Shiva Rose and Lauren Bradley, to be used all year in dialogue with the Sun’s light, for bio-identical, full spectrum nutrients that enhance and reflect the Light that you Are.

Sun weds Earth. A sun companion to be used before or after your sun bathe.

The Main Ingredient of Sun Inamorata  is organic sustainable grass fed and grass finished bovine tallow.

Tallow, an ancestral skincare secret and a super ingredient in a tier above other skincare ingredients, is the basis for this multi-purposed balm. 

Tallow, bio identical to our own sebum, provides bioavailable forms of vitamins A, D, E and K, plus full of essential fatty acids NOT commonly found in common modern day skincare.

The nutrients in tallow are in their bioavailable forms are more recognizable to our bodies, which means our bodies can utilize them better in their whole, organic state.

Tallow is packed with omega-3 fatty acids capable of nourishing and strengthening  the skin barrier as well as conjugated linoleic acid, the anti-inflammatory properties of which should improve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and rashes. Plus, tallow is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which can absorb easily into the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin cell renewal. These vitamins also deliver antioxidants to shield the skin from free radical damage and prevent signs of aging. 

Developed with deep reverence for the procession of the celestial realm, this balm is a modern take on an ancient practice. Created to inspire you to connect with the sun, a daily beauty vitamin and the essence of its inspiration.

Living in harmony is to be in natural sync with the heavens above whilst having two feet firmly planted on the magnetic fertile soil we live upon. Tallow is the key ingredient, a bio-identical, nourishing and hydrating natural moisturizer. Promoting healthy skin during and after sun exposure. This is decorated thoughtfully with the most muse like florals; a combination of honeysuckle, ylang ylang and marigolds to create an intriguing magic.

Formulated from a deeply feminine place, and through a sisterhood of intuition, passion and bespoke perspective.

A collaboration by Lauren Bradley of Béla Nektar and Shiva Rose of Shiva Rose Beauty. Shiva’s work is informed by her wisdom of ancient Ayerveda; guiding women to tune into their reflective connections to the moon and her cycles. Lauren’s work as both educator and wellness coach combines the spiral of the seasons and rhythms of circadian biology with metabolic balance.

  • Tallow: used consistently balances and regulates your skin. 
  • Calendula/Marigolds: calendula is nicknamed “Bride of the Sun”. A powerful healer, this blossom is ideal for all skin types and helps to restore skin elasticity, reduce blemishes and scars, and dial down inflammation. It has innate natural UV protective qualities 
  • Orange peel wax: oranges are the bounty of the Sun’s light. The peel holds medicinal qualities and balances the skin’s oils.
  • Kukui nut oil is a natural moisturizer balanced in both oleic and linoleic fatty acids, and full of antioxidants Vitamins A, C and E.
    A luxuriant, versatile and precious oil with antioxidant properties that prevents free radical cell damage, and has been traditionally used to reduce the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

After cleansing anoint your face and any other area.
Massage the sun balm into the skin and allow the rays to melt into your being. Bringing nourishment.
Breath in the scent of blossoms unfolding under the sun and melt into tallowed warmth. 

Organic sustainable grass fed and grass finished bovine tallow; organic raw beeswax, polyglyceryl-3 beeswax; sambas nigra fruit extract; Kukui nit oil; organic raspberry seed C)2 extracted oil; natural orange peel wax; organic calendula C02 total extract; ECOCERT/COSMOS approved isoamyl laureate; honeysuckle C02, ylang ylang and cardamom essential oils.

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